At a young age my passion for the art of written communication consumed me. It allowed me to express myself wholly rather than in fragments void of a substantial voice and message to be heard.

As time progressed I became aware of how influential my voice could be. I plunged myself into my love and filled my mind with as much literature and knowledge as possible and I learned about the greats and how they would mold me into the writer I am today.

I am not a writer who finds inspiration in formalities, nor am I one to generalize and strip my voice of any story I am telling, or selling.

I am the writer who will think critically, channel my audience, and raise my piece of art until I am confident it can live on its own.

My achievements have not been met solely because I understand how to write in AP style, or edit, or even simplify a piece to meet the needs of the platform I am writing for. Rather, my achievements have been met because of the effort and confidence I put into completing my pieces with no error of voice, passion, or impact on the soul.

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