The Wind is in Me

The wind is in me                        suckling, hooking bones

and singing haikus                                    peculiar

fingers with daggers of a honeysuckled crown


This oxygen to inflate barren lungs


The Wind is green with a gluttonous grin

Pierced cratered cracks in shackled frames

Skips croons with raindrops drumming hollowed hills


I spoke with crocheted lips                        loudly

Trees heaving freely


Hummed felicities of a “transparent” fallacy



a parallel universe.


footprints foxtrot on fogged out windowpanes.

chew through lacquered cracks, and

broken hinges—eyes filled with crimson iodine…

lubricated disillusions plastered on

Arsenic tile tops.

Needled bones


on cow skin chalkboards…

and sinking funeral pyres.


Frosted cobalt cans—battery acid.

antiqued soy milk on billowed basinets.


Feigning fits of oozing simulacra.

Mirages of orbiting mountains and

Perverted fairytales.


I always wanted to go to Disney Land.


Strung out skulls click bic pens.

chew tobacco pipes—chew tobacco skins.

She said count to 10. Sprinkle fairy drops on nature’s split ends.


Faint nausea from black-eyed machete pens.


and is it me that you are looking for?


(this world is my vacuum)


Split twigs—cherry blossoms;

lilac frying pans on stewing saucer plates.

shriveled kid cries—Bourbon formula.


There’s a spider duck crawling up Sahara riverbanks.


Fine point molecules ambush floating nostrils.


Barbie eyes tell fables of

history not repeated. history forbidden.


Burned out explosions—crash.

birth silver dollars in the sky—(Not fireworks).


Miniature dove wings clash with

stewing pigeon thighs.

slinky moans on raspberry gumdrops—everlasting gobstoppers.


I would rather not meet you death. Save this interview for a later date.


Pretty pink tutu twirls on apocalyptic palms.

spins on doomed tarot cards.

opaque futures in molded pickle jars.

Bounded feet. tap tap

on hollow cathedral doors

crawling from heaving cracks on jaded waterbeds.



these tears trickle through

cellophaned hallways                                             rush


sobering skies.


Someone to play hopscotch on bloodless hearts


road construction causes                               traffic jam

in stoned eyes—bat meets windshield.

golf club meets



peeled skin from tender bones.                          Tucked.

safely in this pirated treasure box.


poison to ease the rigid chill.

fever sends chills down boiled                             necks.


diamond encrusted pennies                                    dive





into salivating fountainheads.